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'Mushaboom' is a colloquial word used to predict a positive outcome despite life's circumstances. Understanding that only God is truly Sovereign--and that He has dominion over our lives, we can put our trust in this normal physiological process upon Him, His will shall be done. In birth we believe that it is the Traditional Midwife's role to guide Christian families through normal physiologic birth, free of the unnecessary interventions, pharmaceuticals and limitations present within the regulated model.


Pregnancy + birth are a sacred rite of passage. Christian Traditional Midwifery, [particularly in a secular world western culture that pathologizes birth] is to hold a deep reverence for women as wives and mothers, and for men as the leaders in their home. 

Mushaboom exclusively serves women and their families who feel called to [and consciously choose] sovereign home birth. 

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Please contact us for more information about Mushaboom's services: traditional midwifery, holistic lactation support, payment options, or if you are ready to schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation with Michelle, Traditional Midwife.

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