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Mushaboom YYC is proud to offer Holistic Lactation Support online and in-person.


After birth, breastfeeding is a natural extension of the Motherbaby symbiotic relationship--and when hiccups occur, you want immediate support from an experienced lactation consultant. 

At Mushaboom YYC we have a great appreciation for physiologic breastfeeding. Our approach to lactation support is deeply rooted in the wise woman tradition, coupled with practical knowledge for troubleshooting modern challenges like supply issues (caused by thyroid and adrenal insufficiency, and iron deficiency) as well as tongue + lip ties without the use of problematic interventions like bottles, nipple shields or formula. We are confident (and proven) in our ability to successfully support determined breastfeeding mothers through challenges including oral ties, poor latch, colic, clogged ducts, mastitis, low milk supply and more.

Breastfeeding journey debriefs (booked as a "virtual consultation") are also available to mothers after the close of their breastfeeding journeys. This can be particularly supportive for mothers who are planning for a different experience with subsequent babies. 

If you are in true financial need, please enquire directly about our sliding scale rates.

Postpartum Support: Service


$250 CAD

*please email to book in home lactation consultations



Working from Home


$125 CAD / $100 USD per month

*please email to purchase.

Image by Jae Park

MUSHABOOM YYC offers non-medical Traditional Midwifery services to growing families in the Calgary community in home/sovereign birth settings.

Postpartum Support: Quote

Please contact us for more information about Mushaboom's services: traditional midwifery, holistic lactation support, payment options, or if you are ready to schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation with Michelle, Traditional Midwife.

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