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 M O T H E R S H I P 

Presented in collaboration with Ella Crea Care

UPDATE:: Michelle is presently only attending births for private clients//placenta services for the remainder of her pregnancy. The Mothership Sessions//Village Prenatals will resume in the summer of 2019.  

The Mothership Session:: A gathering to foster women-centered connection during the transition to motherhood with a focus on empowered birth preparation.

Your hosts::
Mushaboom YYC + Ella Crea Care

The Mothership Session is a presentation by Michelle Piccione [Mushaboom YYC] + Amber Thibault [Ella Crea Care]. This workshop will acknowledge the importance of empowered birth/conscious transition to motherhood, while providing an introduction to empowered birth prep. We will discuss a variety of topics including [but not limited to] birth preferences, models of care, informed consent, comfort measures, the fourth trimester + more. There will be an opportunity for discussion, so please bring your questions for doulas Amber + Michelle.

Refreshments [+ time to connect within a likeminded community] will be provided.

Workshops: Welcome
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